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Leading Pharmaceutical and Food & Agriculture Exporter & Wholesaler in India |  Healvein Lifescience LLP.


The Indian pharmaceutical sector supplies over 50% of the global demand for various vaccines and generic medicines. Additionally, India contributes the second-largest share of the pharmaceutical and biotech workforce in the world. Globally, India ranks 3rd in terms of pharmaceutical production by volume and 14th by value. It goes without saying that Indian drugs are exported to virtually almost every country in the world. Generic drugs alone account for 20% of the global export in terms of volume, making India the largest provider of generic medicines globally.


To keep up with the ever-growing demand for Indian drugs across the world, we founded Healvein Lifescience LLP. We are among the leading pharmaceutical distributors and Agriculture exporters in India. Our headquarter is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where we are regarded as among the largest on-site pharmaceutical distribution and Agriculture export centers. The team of Healvein Lifescience operates on a vertically integrated platform representing all formats of pharmaceutical distribution and Agriculture export. As a trusted name in the global market, we ensure an unparalleled supply of generic & standard medicines, vaccines, healthcare & hospital machinery, emergency medicines, organic-herbal-ayurvedic products, etc. and Rice, Cereal, Maize, Spices, Proceed Food & Beverage , Groundnut, Medicinal Plants, Seed, etc.... in the global market.


As a full-supply pharmaceutical wholesaler and APEDA exporter , we guarantee the daily comprehensive and safe supply of pharmacies with pharmaceuticals and health products. Our extensive and manufacturer-neutral inventory includes thousands of pharmaceuticals and pharmacy products, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and incontinence and medical products. Our multiple daily deliveries to pharmacies across the globe ensure the immediate availability of drugs wherever they are needed. We are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and a high level of automation in order to fulfill the most demanding needs of our clients from across the globe.


We are a legally authorised exporter and wholesaler by the Government of India. All our services & steps are compliant with international standards. We provide a technological and corporate connection for all our B2B clients via our state-of-the-art website.


Through our official website, our clients can place orders, inquire about existing products and product categories. We also make it possible for the general public to get access to detailed information about all the medicines available on our platform along with the ability to check similar/generic options. Additionally, we also share the latest articles & news about the pharmaceutical industry and its products.


Healvein Lifescience has a wide network across the country that enables us to provide our clients with all types of pharmaceutical products and machinery. We cater to all the major medical domains, including oncology, nephrology, gastroenterology, vaccines, and many more. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including active pharmaceutical ingredients, generic medicines, branded medicines, intermediate drugs, drug formulation, biologicals, orphan drugs, patent drugs, cold chain medicines, controlled drugs, vaccines and more.


With an experience of over three years in the pharmaceutical export industry, our team values quality assurance at the highest level. This is why all the products available on our website come from the topmost Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers who are globally renowned for their quality. These names include the likes of Cipla, Sun Pharma, Alkem, Natco, Ajanta Pharma, Bharat Serum, Abbott and more.





Our mission & vision

Healvein Lifescience Wants To Supply Best Quality Pharma Products With Transparent Logistics Services. We Wants To Feel Comfortable To Our Clients. Our Expert Team Solving All Queries And Trying To Give Best Services .The Company Wants To Establish Strong Network In Global Market.We Are Looking For The Best Technology In Our Business And Provides 24/7 Customer Support In Every Zones In The World..We Are Working On Make Easy And Pursue Business System For Better Understanding Of Our Customers.Our Company  Researching On Price Reduction On Medicine Due To It All Consumers Buy Its. We Wants To Create Customer Satisfy Standard For Fulfil Their Requirements.

By streamlining the export of Indian pharmaceutical drugs and equipment across the globe, we wish to develop a seamless channel with our partners from different areas of the world. Through this, we aim to achieve an ideal scenario where our partners can instantly procure their desired products through Healvein Lifescience and can effectively continue to do the noble work of saving and improving the lives of their patients.